Heckhaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in need of food for recovering animals


LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - With so much wildlife in Southwest Louisiana, you can imagine how many animals get injured or orphaned and end up at the Heckhaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

"We take in any of the wildlife that have been orphaned or injured and do everything we can to get them back to the wild," said Suzy Heck.

As of late, they've seen a lot more brown pelicans needing help.

"Right now, we're having so many pelicans fly in that are starving out in the wild because of the cold weather," Heck said. "The fish are going deep and they don't see the fish on the top of the water, so they won't dive for them. The brown pelicans are the main ones and they'll starve to death."

There's also a good number of ducks, owls, hawks and even a bird that's bit unusual to see in this area -- a frigate bird -- at Heckhaven.

This is where hunters, or really anyone, could become the best friend of some of these recovering birds.

If somebody is cleaning out their freezer we can take any kind of fruit, vegetable and meat. The hunters meat deer, duck, quail, squirrel, whatever. Those go to the raptors hawks, owls and eagles.

Heckhaven isn't even asking for your freshest meats. Your kills from last hunting season are perfect.

Fishermen can help out as well. Even the parts of the fish no one wants can be helpful at Heckhaven.

"The whole fish, we'll take the fillets and if somebody wants to fillet their pieces out of meat, out of the fish meat, we will take the carcass," she said. "The heads and back bone and body and whatever's left."

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