Kinder Lady Jackets have unique version of the triple-double

Kinder's Triple Double
The Murrells. (KPLC)
The Murrells. (KPLC)
The Taylors. (KPLC)
The Taylors. (KPLC)
The Cormiers. (KPLC)
The Cormiers. (KPLC)

KINDER, LA (KPLC) - The Kinder Lady Jackets are one of the most unique teams in the country.


Because they have three sets of identical twins.

"We'll be in the locker room and someone yells, 'twin,' and you can't do that because then the whole team looks," said Hannah Murrell.

Hannah and her twin Sharon grew up playing basketball.

"We first started when we were small and then, well we had each other to play with and that's how we kept it going," Sharon said.

Next up on the Kinder roster are the Taylors, who have only been in the sport for three years.

"During PE we had one time when we had basketball, and one time where we had soccer, you know and we just adapted to it when we got here. We hadn't really played basketball at all," Makayla Taylor said.

"It was really surprising that we could develop just that many skills that fast," Michelle Taylor said.

The Cormiers, who were encouraged to play basketball by the grandfather, round out the Yellow Jackets' unqiue version of the triple-double.

"He always pushed us to play sports, so we decided to do it together," said Konnor Cormier. "When we figured out we both liked it and we were good at it, we just kept with it."

This is the first and only season all three sets of twins will play together. The girls did say head coach Bard sometimes has trouble telling them apart.

"Coach Bard always says, when we'll be in practice, he'll call me Michelle, and call her Makayla."

"Well they lie! I tell people when they ask if I can tell them apart, I always say, 'I'll get them right every time, as long as I get two guesses,'" Bard said.

While it may not necessarily be a strategy they use to win games, the girls say having three sets of twins on the team definitely helps them confuse opponents.

"Usually the two defenders that are guarding us are just yelling and get mad because they don't understand what's going on. And we have to tell them, there's two of us out here."

And with the Class 2A playoff bracket soon to be announced, we'll see if the twins have one more chance to daze opponents.