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I wanna know: In search of true love

Many of you may be scrambling to find just the right card, flowers, or treat to show your sweetheart just how special he or she is for valentines day tomorrow.
In this week's I wanna know we search for true love, and find a couple who seems to have found it.  And it appears they live it as well.

"If you want to rub my foot, give me a foot massage, that's a good valentine's day present," says Sandy Romero as she sits on the arm of her husband's huge easy chair.

Even the front door of Sandy and Andy Romero's home is decorated for Valentines Day.  And inside, everywhere you look, there are hearts and flowers and treats to celebrate their love of nearly three decade.  It's a love they say grows stronger each day.

"We're still sweethearts.  We love each other, not the same as when we first met, because we love each other more," said Sandy.

"To me it's just a spark and that spark stays lit all the time," said Andy.

Yet, their lives are drastically different since Andy was exposed to chemicals at work sixteen years ago.  He now suffers multiple health problems and much of their time together centers on his needs and her care of him.

"He can stand for a minute with these special boots on, so his life is to have doctor appointments and therapy.  That is our life every day, even on weekends. I bathe him in this chair.  He sleeps in this chair.  And the only time he gets out of it is when he gets in the ambulance and he goes to his colon hydrotherapy there in Moss Bluff," said Sandy.

Ambulance attendants must lift Andy because  he cannot walk and must attend treatments five times a week due to a paralyzed colon.  Despite that challenging schedule, Sandy refuses to put him in a nursing facility.

"It's just not going to happen. I can take care of him here in the home, I do need some help to take care of him, but unless he was a danger to himself, and I knew there was no way I could stop that, he won't go to a nursing home," said Sandy.

Indeed, the two say their love is true love.

"We didn't say our wedding vows and commit to each other just for there to be with each other in the good times.  And that is what true love is, to love someone unconditionally is true love, no matter what happens to them, no matter how disabled," says Sandy, when Andy interrupts. "You're taking my lines!" he says, causing Sandy to laugh and give the floor to her husband.  "I'm taking your lines! Well, maybe Theresa, the boss has spoken!"

One of the ways Sandy and Andy keep their love alive is with what they call their "grateful tree."  They hang tiny tags on it of good things, things that go right for them.  It's a reminder to always be grateful for the blessings in their lives. One tag expresses thanks that the casts are now off Andy's legs.

Though they admit, daily life isn't all hearts and flowers.

"There's been times I've thought, man..." says Sandy, when Andy interjects.  "It's not Valentine's all the time." Sandy agrees laughing, "It's not Valentines all the time!"  "You go through good and bad," said Andy.

Clearly, there's a lot of laughter. Such as when I asked them to just stay put for the picture. Andy doesn't have much choice, which starts another bout of giggling.

The laughter is important says Sandy."Laugh together at whatever life throws at you," she says.

And  they have a Valentine wish  for other sweethearts.

"From me and Andy on this very special day of love, special time of year, from two sweethearts to the rest of you sweethearts out there, love each other completely and fully no matter what your circumstances are or become and treasure every moment you have together because it is true.  You don't know from one day to another what tomorrow's going to bring.  So treasure every moment that you have together," she said.

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