Thibodeaux's double homicide trial under way

Mark Wayne Thibodeaux. (Source: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office)
Mark Wayne Thibodeaux. (Source: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Jurors in the trial of Mark Wayne Thibodeaux heard dramatic testimony from the man who survived the night of killing.

 Thibodeaux's girfriend Carla "Booty"Ledoux and her friend Bridgette Pryor were stabbed to death--  and Thibodeaux now stands trial for second degree murder in connection with their deaths.
But stabbing victim Joseph Newman survived and told jurors of his horrific encounter with Thibodeaux,  during which,  he says he was slashed again and again with a butcher knife..

Newman eventually fled the house and went to a friend's who helped wrap his wounds in towels.

Newman says he couldn't find his girlfriend, Bridgette Pryor.  Her body was discovered the next morning on a sidewalk where she had collapsed.

Newman testified he found Ledoux in the house  but saw she was dead.

He says he did not seek medical attention or call police because he was so traumatized he just wanted his friend to drive him home where he passed out in bed.    The next day police found him and he was hospitalized. He says the ambulance attendant told him he could have bled to death.

Thibodeaux was a suspect almost immediately, but police could not locate him. They had his mother's house under surveillance.
When Thibodeaux was arrested he was wearing a woman's wig and allgedly on his way to Houston with his mother and sister.  They were charged in connection with helping him avoid arrest, but officials with the D.A.'s office say those charges are resolved.

Thibodeaux is charged with attempted second degree murder of Newman...and
second degree murder of the two women.  A second degree murder conviction brings an automatic  sentence of life in prison.

Earlier, jurors heard the from the lead detectivein the case, Sgt. Franklin Fondel and opening statements from attorneys.

In opening statements, the prosecutor said 25-year-old Carla "Booty" LeDoux and 50-year-old Bridgette Tillman Pryor were found stabbed to death on January 4, 2012. LeDoux's body was found in a house on Prater Street while Pryor was found dead on the sidewalk in front of the house.

Fondel said they went to talk to Newman at the hospital where he gave a statement and crime techs photographed his multiple stab wounds.

After getting a statement from Newman, police tried to locate Thibodeaux at a local mobile home park. Franklin said Thibodeaux's family said they had not seen him for a number of days.

Photos of the women's bodies were shown in court Wednesday, along with Newman's injuries. He had multiple wounds on his arms, back and the base of his skull.

A butcher's knife and wig were found in Thibodeaux's vehicle at the time of his arrest, Fondel said.  However, no murder weapon was ever found.

Fondel said that Newman identified Thibodeaux as the one who had attacked him.

Defense attorney Robert Shelton brought out that no DNA testing was done on Newman to rule him out as the attacker.

Jurors heard testimony about how Thibodeaux's mother, sister and nephew were allegedly to drive him to Houston several days after the murders.

Fondel said Thibodeaux's nephew said he was instructed to back the car into the driveway near the door so Thibodeaux could slip out of the house and into the vehicle. The nephew said he was surprised to see his uncle wearing a woman's wig when he got into the car, Fondel said.

The trial resumes Thursday morning.

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