Miniature models are this Lake Charles architect's passion

Miniature models are this Lake Charles architect's passion

Lake Charles Architect Steve Maurer must have good eyesight and a steady hand.   That's what he needs to build miniature scale models of buildings being developed by Lake Charles business couple Rick and Donna Richard.

"Some people have a hard time with spacial visualization," said Maurer.  "What they comes down to is that if they can walk around it and see all the features.. It really is good for them to say "I really don't like that window there."  I can pop it off and things like that."

That's what Steve did when he built this mockup of the Phoenix building across from the Calcasieu parish courthouse.  Then there's his likeness of the old Calcasieu Marine Bank Building on Ryan St.

"With the bank building, when I first commissioned Steve, we did not have a courtyard pavilion," said Donna.  "But by the time the courtyard was finished, there was a pavilion that had gotten constructed."

Steve's latest work is a model for the old Cash and Carry restoration project at Broad and Enterprise.

"The satisfaction is actually is how accurate I can make this miniature," said Steve. "The more accurate it is, the more wow factor is involved."

The Richards say they may display all the models that Steve is creating for them. "Donna's working on restoring the Noble Building downtown and we thought about having a swivel set where you could actually walk around it and see the models, so that everybody could see them on display," said Rick Richard.

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