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Sulphur looking for best deal in garbage collection


Allied Waste has been picking up trash in Sulphur for more than 10 years. Currently customers in Sulphur pay $16.81 per month for garbage collection.

"As a Sulphur business... We want to sit down with the City of Sulphur to continue doing business," said Bobby Guidry, Allied Waste representative.

With its current contract almost up, Allied Waste would like to enter into negotiations to extend the contract five more years. But some on Sulphur's City Council are ready to put out a request for proposals to see if another company can provide the same services for less.

"Why is it so important that you give an opportunity to an unknown to come in and do business with you... when you have people in town who are doing business with you and want to continue doing the work," said Guidry.

Councilman Stuart Moss said the Town of Vinton put out a RFP for garbage collection and was able to save five dollars per household. Moss said when you have nearly 9,000 customers in Sulphur, one or two dollars a month can make a difference.  

"If we are supposed to be the good stewards of our tax payer's dollars then we need to look for the best deal and the best service. It's not against any company. It's not against any employee. It's what is best for the City of Sulphur," said Moss.

With the option to negotiate not receiving enough votes, the majority of the council voted to send out a request for proposals. It's not the first time they've been here. Twice before the City of Sulphur has went out for bid and both times Allied Waste was the lowest responsible bidder.

"I'm all for going out for bid and getting a good deal. But I felt like we had a bird in the hand right there and if we didn't get what we wanted we still have the option of going back... Now we are going to put out for bids and I almost bet everybody is going to be higher than they were," said Mike Koonce, Sulphur City Council.

Not currently included in their service -- curb side recycling. That is something they will consider when looking at proposals.

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