Bayou Hog Boys Hog Hunting Tournament: "Livin' for the Squealin'"

2nd Annual Bayou Hog Boys Hog Hunting Tournament

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - This weekend was a chance for Southwest Louisiana hog hunters to show off their skills at the second annual Bayou Hog Boys Hog Hunting Tournament. The theme for the tournament was "Livin' for the Squealin.'"

There was a big turnout Sunday afternoon for the weigh-in, which followed a weekend of hunting. The competition, which consisted of 12 teams, started early Friday.  Each team had to be at the weigh-in site no later than 1 p.m. Sunday to qualify.

The hunters had to catch the wild hogs with dogs and bring them in to be weighed, which isn't always easy.

"You kind of find the tracks and you send out your bay dogs and you wait to hear them watch them on the GPS and when you hear them start bay you try to get as close as you can without breaking the bay," explained Hailey Cradure, Hog Tournament organizer.

This is Jennings native Cody LeBlanc's first year to participate in the competition.

"We did real well. We caught 12 hogs yesterday. And we caught one hog Friday. We got a big hog that we think is going to give them a run for their money. On Friday we caught him... And we ended up catching 12 hogs yesterday," said LeBlanc.

LeBlanc said he has been hunting hogs for the past eight years and enjoys the rush of the hunt.

"We are doing this for the fun. We have had some close calls with those hogs. We also are helping the farmers. They have problems with the hogs hurting their crops... so they let us hunt on their land for the hogs. It's really just for fun," said LeBlanc.

Once the totals were all in, prizes were given for the biggest hog - which weighed in at 340 pounds. Money was also given to the team with the biggest collection of five hogs - which weighed in at 1,006 pounds. The winning team consisted of four members: Joey Guidry, Bobby Buatt, Darryl Hebert, & Cody Guidry -- all from the Hathaway/Iota area.

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