Local young professionals organization hosts 2nd annual zombie run

Local young professionals organization hosts 2nd annual zombie run
Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC
Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - Fusion Five, Southwest Louisiana's Young Professionals Organization designed to help locals under the age of 45 develop business opportunities, hosted its 2nd annual 5K Zombie Run at Camp Edgewood in DeQuincy.

This year's them was End of the Human Race: Camp Zombie and equipped with bloody outfits and scary faces, the zombies who participated were ready.

"My shirt says 'I collect brains: the breakfast of champions,' so you know it's not like The Walking Dead where we're just going to lay there," said participant Taylor Spence. "You're going to have to earn your way out of this."

The Fusion Five Zombie run is the organization's biggest fundraiser. Fusion Five board member Erica Mccreedy says a lot of people were looking forward to this year's event.

"Last year, people didn't really know what to expect," said Mccreedy. "We had a great turnout and this time, people have been waiting all year to come out and be a part of it."

This year was also the zombies vs. the runners. Participants chose to be either a runner or a zombie. Runners were outfitted with a belt of flags and ran through zombie filled woods trying to escape with one flag on their belts. After participants ran for their lives,

"The people who want to be zombies spent weeks planning their make-up and costumes," said Mccreedy. "They're staged throughout the course and the runners, they train for the run. They know it's going to be a little bit tenser and a little bit more urgent. So, it's a really fun event for a lot of people."

Participants, whether runners or zombies, say they enjoyed the event because it's not your average "run-of-the-mill" run.

"Instead of just a boring run, you have people chasing after you so it makes it really exciting compared to some of the other runs in the city," said Spence.

"It's a really fun event," said Mccreedy. "This has kind of taken speed across the country so we wanted to having something like this for the people in the Southwest region."

Participants also enjoyed food, drinks and music from a local band entitled Lucy in Disguise. Prizes were also given out in multiple categories including "Best Zombie."

All proceeds from the event go towards Fusion Five's development planning which include group seminars and workshops.

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