Fast growing department at SOWELA helps graduates with growing industry

You need the right skills to get a job for the many industries in the lake and one of the places to learn how to get the skills you need is at SOWELA. There's a department there that's continuing to grow and is helping its students be prepared for the future jobs that are heading to Southwest Louisiana.

"Our instrumentation program gives the students the knowledge, skills and training to go out seek a instrumentation career or electronics career." says instrumentation instructor Brian Ezell.

You'll recognize the companies where these students could put their newly acquired skill sets to work as Ezell spoke about the places where students from the instrumentation program could end up working.

"Any type of refinery or chemical plant. PPG, the new Sasol expansion that's coming, Westlake petro chem, all the ones around here."

The students in this department will spend time training on the same type of equipment that they one day hope to use at their everyday job.

"I wanted to get involved with instrumentation because there's a growing need for technology in the whole field of technology. I mean there's expansion going on with different plants coming up there's plenty of opportunity...", says student Tyler Celestine.

With the education experience students gain they feel they'll be ready to start working soon and Celestine explains why he thinks this way.

"I love the labs we get to learn about them and then we get to actually calibrate them ourselves, so we're not just learning we're actually doing the job that we'll be doing, like the job requirements will be in the field at school."

The students credit their readiness to work because of the instrumentation staff.

"The school here has been impeccable. it's about helping students get their education the instructors are more than willing to help you after class hours or any other time.", says student Perouz Farokahish.

So with locals getting these jobs and sticking around that's more money that will go back into the economy of Southwest Louisiana. Farokahish plans on staying in the area after he graduates from SOWELA.

"Immediately I definitely want to stay in this area. there's a lot of growth a lot of potential growth and with the market always expanding with technology and everything. This is a great place to get your feet in the door no matter where you want to work at."

Just to drive the point home about how fast this department is growing the instrumentation program makes up almost one fifth of the total enrollment at SOWELA.

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