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(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Officials from the Chamber of Commerce and the Safety Council of SWLA spoke Friday afternoon at a Lake Charles Republican Roundtable luncheon.

The topic of interest includes a new database for local businesses.

It's called the Vendor Vet database and it was created with the local economy in mind, specifically the economic growth of SWLA.

While it's similar to Angie's List, where businesses and information are listed online, there's no rating system.

David Conner of the SWLA Chamber of Commerce highlighted areas of growth Friday afternoon in SWLA.

"I would guess at least 50 active projects are in the hopper looking at SWLA. What has been a little bit different, most of the big projects that come to the alliance in the past have been through LED. What has changed here is a larger percentage in the last year have come straight to our office so we kind of get a first shot at these projects," explained Conner.

From eight separate billion dollar projects, Conner says business is taking off locally, which is also boosting jobs.

"21,000 is our permanent jobs numbers, that number right there we already know is underestimated," said Conner.

And an increase in projects and jobs also means a population increase, which has many looking at the future.

"We have to as a community get ahead of the curve," said Mike Kurth, Chairman of the Republican Roundtable.

And the economic growth of SWLA is one of the main reasons the Safety Council created the Vendor Vet database.

"The idea was to have a local, centralized area where vendors can go to register their businesses, whether they're new in town or already here, and they're just wanting to become part of this huge development that's happening," explained Shanna Sellers, Operations and PQF Administrator for the Safety Council of SWLA.

Since it began January 2, Sellers says 45 vendors have already registered, but there's more.

"Once someone has signed up within the Vendor Vet, they can actually view different categories. They can view everybody that's within the system once they have signed up and entered their company information," said Sellers.

It makes it a great way to market your business or connect with others.

"That is really how our businesses are going to connect to these big industries coming up in the future," said Conner.

The Vendor Vet database allows you to upload certificates, licenses, logos, as well as contact information and even what type of payment is accepted.

To view the database:

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