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A happy ending for the Edwards house

(Source: KPLC) (Source: KPLC)
(Source: KPLC) (Source: KPLC)

It was a happy ending for an elderly couple who lost their truck and $400 in a case of home repairs gone bad.

In a recent 7On Your Side report, KPLC's Theresa Schmidt highlighted the case of Gussie and Jeffery Edwards.

After costly plumbing repairs that did not seem to fix much of anything, local contractor Brandon Bellon Development and subcontractors with Team Elite stepped in to lend a hand.

They approached the Edwards about the condition of the house and then fixed it all for free. They righted the plumbing, patched up that hole in the back of the house, replaced the bad faucet in the bathroom and replaced the deteriorating, uneven linoleum flooring in the kitchen.

Plumber Peanut Bearb said, "We just hope that, you know, doing this and... other people seeing us do this will make other people do it. As long as we keep building this up, more people will take care of each other."

"If everybody does a little bit, it just makes everybody happy, versus having to hear horror stories about everybody and everything," Bearb said.

Gussie Edwards is beside herself with joy over their kind gesture.

"My heart is just so full. I'm going to leave it at that, and I'm going to pray for each and every one of them that played a part in this, because God knows my heart is just so full, and I'm so happy to take a look in the kitchen: they're fixing all of that. They done lay all new rugs in there for me," said Edwards.

Efforts are also underway to retrieve the Edwards' truck and the $400 they spent on substandard work.

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