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Veterinarian treating cat's mysterious wounds with laser


A veterinarian in Tyler has spent the past year treating a four-year-old cat with unexplained injuries. The doctor said it seemed surgeries were not working, so now he's trying out a different kind of treatment. Dr. Gary Spence is trying out laser treatment for the first time in his hospital.

For the past two weeks, Dr. Spence has been video recording and taking photos of the cat's progress. The cat, who is named "Trouble", was dropped off at the animal hospital about a year ago with wounds on his inner thighs.

"Surgeries would work for three or four days and then they'd fail," Spence said. "He just has a non-healing wound."

Spence says he decided he wanted to test a hands-on laser therapy he had heard about.

"The cell can point itself in the right direction and heal quicker. It's all cellular based," Spence said.

The nearly $40,000 machine was a loan from Lite Cure in hopes of treating Trouble. The first therapy began about two weeks ago, and so far, there's progress.

"He stretched the other day; it was like ridiculous. He's never stretched before," Candy Pierce, who has been treating the cat, said. "He ran earlier, so you can tell he's feeling a lot better and the wound if definitely healing."

David Millington with Lite Cure says the laser therapy was first introduced to animals in Texas in 2007. Today,  it's being used on the clinical level in Tyler for the next six weeks in hopes of curing and treating animals for free.

Dr. Spence says anyone can use the machine. He will have it for another six weeks.

"I've called several of the clinics and told them it's here, it's on loan," Spence said. "If they've got any arthritic cases or they have any cases they want me to look at, that's fine."

He says so far he has four other animals scheduled for laser therapy treatment and says if all goes well he'll have a machine in his hospital soon.

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