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Prien Lake Mall offers recharging stations for cell phones

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Whether we're texting or talking, we always seem to be on the go and on our cell phones.

"I have my phone with me all the time, 24-7," said Vincent Garrett.

But keeping our phones charged can be a challenge and feel like an emergency when the juice runs out.

"My heart drops... It's like the worst feeling ever," said Baylie LaFleur.

"I freak out, because I feel like I don't have communication with my family or anything," said Ricardo Yanez.

While you've likely seen them in airports, the Prien Lake Mall now has several recharging stations -- allowing customers to plug in and charge their phones.

"It's great, because it won't die whenever I'm shopping... I shop a lot," said LaFleur.

"You can shop, charge your phone, text, Twitter, Instagram... everything," said Kiara Duncan.

The mall also has free wi-fi and was among the first of the Simon properties to get the additional recharging stations.

"You can come do your work... Come do your homework or come play on Facebook - because we know we like to do that, or Instagram. If your phone gets low you pop in your charger and you're good to go," said Nikki Goss, Prien Lake Mall.

The mall has three recharging stations with comfortable seating. They are located in front of Dillard's, Kohl's, and JC Penny. Shoppers seem to like the convenience.

"It's real quick and easy, simple," said Garrett.

The recharging stations aren't cheap. They're sponsored by Martin GMC. Officials with Prien Lake Mall hope to add more stations in the future.

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