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Residents of Pin Oak Trailer Park face eviction

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"A lot of these people been out here over 14 years.  It's the only home we know,"said Frank Dunn.

He's one of those who live at Pin Oak Trailer Park who must leave the place they they call home. They have received eviction notices from the new owner, North Bay Properties, which wants possession of the land.

Smith and his wife Quiana have ten children and two grandchildren.

"There are families in here that needs help that can't move that can't afford to move.  Everybody in here is on a fixed income.  They are old people. Half of them dying, oxygen, cancer.  I think it's ridiculous. He needs to step up and he needs to do something about moving these people if he's going to close the trailer park," said Quiana.

Residents say the going rate to move a trailer is four thousand dollars. Some don't have the money.
Others face another obstacle.  "Our trailer's too old to move.  None of the companies will move ours because it won't make it," said Julie Domingue, another resident.

Megan Galland said some people in in even worse shape.  "They got people out here actually on their death bed and they're expecting them to move too," said Galland.

Brittney and Frederick Burk have three children including a newborn.

"It would definitely put us on the street.  We own our own trailer but where are we going to put it?  How are we going to afford to move it?  He's not going to move it for us," said Brittany.

The residents had a 1:30 p.m. court hearing in Sulphur,  to find out  about their future.  Most residents did not contest the evictions, because they understand it's the landowners' right to make people leave, though some residents still don't know what they'll do.

"They're leaving fifty to sixty trailers homeless, no place to go, can't afford to move," said Smith.

Ernest Sanders of North Bay Properties won't appear on camera, but says they want to upgrade the propery with city water and a sewer plant.  He says they cannot bring in heavy equipment to do the work with people living there.

The residents have until March 6th to get off the property. Sanders says they'll decide what to do with the land after they upgrade it.

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