Local man photographs Amazon rainforest

Local man photographs Amazon rainforest

When a friend asked photographer Euric Fuselier if he wanted to tag along on a trip to the Amazon rain forest, there was only one answer.  Of course!  The trip into the forest was a challenge itself.

"To even get there was six hours by boat," said Fuselier.  "Then we got into a canoe and they paddled us 3 hours up a little canal about 10 feet wide that opened up into a lake.  This beautiful lake in the middle of the rain forest."

Daily rain in South America caused new challenges.

"When it rains that much and you have that much equipment out there, you have to be really careful.  What we saw was every animal you would expect to find in the Amazon.  Tarantulas the size of your hand.  Snakes, beautiful birds everywhere, monkeys.  I saw a sloth that had moss growing on it.  It was just really neat."

Fuselier said he likes to stop and smell the roses, if you want to call it that.  Look at what you're shooting and immerse yourself in that shot.  One shot stands out as his favorite:

"A Red Macaw flew down on rock and spooked all the little parrots," recalled Fuselier.  "So I got this shot whenever the Macaw landed on this rock and all the birds just flew at us.  It's just an amazing shot.  By far, it's my favorite one. "

Fuselier said he would go back to the rainforest again in a heartbeat.

For a look at more pictures from the Amazon, check our Euric's blog:

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