Jindal scraps tough new licensing for LA's abortion clinics

Good Tuesday morning to you!  Britney Glaser here in the KPLC 7Newsroom with a look at what's in store on today's Sunrise:

*The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals will rewrite regulations on abortion.  That's after the Jindal administration scraps tough new licensing regulations for the state's abortion clinics.  Find out why abortion rights supporters say it would have shut down all five abortion clinics.

*We have new pictures this morning of the two escaped St. Mary Parish inmates.  We'll show you the images of Joshua Folks and Christopher Horton and tell you why they're considered dangerous.

*A fisherman is discovered after he survives more than a year adrift in the Pacific Ocean.  Hear the crazy story of how he lived in terrible conditions and how he was blown out to sea.

*Today could be the day that a vote comes on the highly debated farm bill.  It will cut the food stamp program by billions of dollars, but increase funding to food banks.

*The investigation continues into why the emergency siren system has been activated throughout the Lake Area for no reason.  Hear from the Office of Emergency Preparedness about what they're doing to get to the bottom of the blaring noise.

Make it a Sunrise day!