Farmers and cattle dealing with colder winter weather

Farmers and cattle dealing with colder weather

For Southwest Louisiana it's been a pretty cold winter for local farmers and it's been more than just the last two weeks of cold weather local farmer Willie Danos can attest to that.

"We experienced some cold weather back in November a couple of early frosts and it stopped our summer grasses from growing. So, that in turn made us put out hay a little earlier than what we would normally do in November."

That means farmers might face a hay shortage for their cattle for the rest of the cold season and Danos thinks that he'll just have enough to get by for the this cold season.

But really the biggest concern with the cold weather is are the cows able to deal with the weather changes?

"When it's cold and rain that's when the cows suffer." Says  Danos.

While the colder weather is harder on the cattle, local farmers are determined to get through this winter.

"Some of them are shivering they may have icicles hanging off of them, but you know we try to take care of them."

But in the end Farmers want to take care of their cattle so their cattle will take care of them.

"We like to take care of our cows because it pays off in the long run they'll breed back for us in the spring and raise us good calves. You know it takes a little effort, but we try to accommodate them as much as we can cause that it our lively hood.", says Danos.

So the hope for now is that the weather will start to warm up and the sun will come out.

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