SOWELA gets nomination for $1 million excellence prize; students discuss pros and cons of 2-year colleges

Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC
Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - For many SOWELA Technical Community College students, their decision of picking a 2-year college over a 4-year university was simple.

"It's shorter and pretty much right after college, you get a job," said Michael Joyce, who's studying process technology at SOWELA.

The pros and cons between the two are still discussed by students after they graduate high school. With the growing demand for technical jobs in Southwest Louisiana such as industrial electricians and power plant mechanics, many students in Lake Charles say they prefer 2-year colleges.

"You have more hands-on experience," said SOWELA student Ashley Harris. "More one on one interaction with your teachers versus a 4-year college when you're dealing with a lot more students and less time to get in contact with your instructors."

For some. 2-year colleges are just a stepping stone. Nursing student Sangita Dhakal went to SOWELA because she says wanted more experience before heading to a 4-year university.

"It was like I had no idea what I was doing," said Dhakal. "With a 2-year college, it was more hands-on and I got to experience clinicals after I was done. I would know what to do before I go to a 4-year university that would make me easier."

And for many students, they say they just want to be prepared for the next step towards their career.

"I would advise students to think about their options depending on what course of study they're thinking about going in," said Harris. "Just see what works for them."

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