McNeese students prepare for economic expansion

McNeese students prepare for economic expansion
(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

Its 75 years for McNeese State University and as the university has changed over the years so has the job market in Southwest Louisiana.

With the economic expansion on its way, students are preparing for the upcoming job opportunities.

"Across the board as McNeese students finish their senior year they will find a lot of job opportunities waiting for them," said Candace Townsend, McNeese director of public relations.

McNeese's annual economic impact is $35 million in Southwest Louisiana and officials said students are already meeting the workforce need.

"More than a third of engineers that work in this area are McNeese students and 80% of the folks who work in nursing and healthcare are McNeese graduates," said Townsend.

But with the dynamic economic expansion ahead, the university is making plans to prepare students for a new swarm of jobs.

Officials said the opening of the SEED Center is already a hub for economic development.

Also, a new Innovation Center is about to open inside the SEED Center where students can not only create ides, but implement them.

"We want them to be able to be good problem solvers, work well in teams, communicate well with others, and take that and use it in a practical setting in their jobs," said Townsend.

The innovation center provides a place to meet, create, work, and learn.

For student Louis Barrilleaux, he said he can already see how the center will help him land his first job.

"It helps me take a business that needs my services or ideas to be able to incorporate myself into that so I'm an asset," said Barrilleaux.

McNeese officials said students will make an impact not just in Lake Charles, but continue to make an impact in the five parish area.

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