Those looking to boil crawfish for Superbowl Sunday may be out of luck

With the Superbowl happening tomorrow many people would love to chow down on some crawfish, but thanks to some of the winter weather we've experienced some people may be out of luck.

Tons of people love a good crawfish boil, especially during the Superbowl, but unfortunately this year thanks to the winter weather finding some spicy mudbugs could be a challenge says Marcus Deshotel of I-10 Crawfish in Roanoke.

"The last blast came in like Tuesday and really affected us with the ice coming in the Wednesday and Thursday. put a good amount of ice on the ponds, which enabled us to fish or harvest any crawfish at all."

Even if you can find some crawfish it's going to cost you says Deshotel.

"The price went up Monday pretty good. Like we've never seen it this high. It went up to four dollars a pound."

I-10 crawfish supplies area restaurants and seafood markets with crawfish and says even businesses are feeling the pinch says Deshotel.

"My old customers I can't take care of right now, I've got one or two customers I'm taking care of and in fact at this time last year I probably had like ten or twelve customers at this time last year. we had plenty of crawfish, but this year because of the cold weather so early an so bad I got one or two customers I have started, but I have new customers other customers I've never heard of calling me for crawfish, because they can't get it from the people they usually buy it from."

So, if you find yourself with some crawfish come time for your Superbowl party consider yourself lucky.

"I'd love to sell to people that I usually sell to on Superbowl Sunday so they can boil at their house, but it's impossible.

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