I Wanna Know: Sirens

I Wanna Know: Sirens
(Source: YouTube)
(Source: YouTube)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Many people are asking what the alarm was that sounded across downtown Lake Charles on Sunday night. KPLC viewers reported that the siren could be heard as far as 13th St.

Dick Gremillion, Calcasieu Director Office of Homeland Security, said that the alarm was not a CAER siren.

In light of the initial reports that the siren came from the National Guard Armory, the armory sounded the alarm again on Thursday to prove that is was not theirs.

"Having heard the alarm test go off, I think we can say pretty convincingly that that was not our alarm that you heard the other night," said SFC Jeremy White with the Louisiana National Guard Bayou Bandits Battalion.

"I know we have a lot alarms in the area. We don't know what that alarm was. It could have been a local business alarm going off," White said.

White adds that the alarm at the National Guard Armory is simply a security alarm and is not meant to be a public address.

We at KPLC were unable to find the real source of the siren.

Gremillion advised that if you hear an alarm, you should go inside, shelter in place and check the media for alerts.

"No news is good news when it comes to shelter-in-place," Gremillion said.

A shelter-in-place means going inside, closing all doors and windows and shutting off air conditioners and ventilation systems.

Local shelter-in-place sirens are tested every Monday around noon.

The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury does have the CalcaShout Emergency Alert System, a free service that alerts citizens to emergency situations. For more information on the program, click HERE. To sign up for the program, click HERE.

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