Diaper wearing toddler skateboards through neighborhood

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(Source: YouTube)
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(Source: NBC)

Good morning!

Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7News@Noon.

Jennings Police are rounding up suspects in a drug raid. It's happening right now, after a six month undercover operation. KPLC's Monica Grimaldo is there and will provide our update at noon.

Over in DeRidder, an investigation into an apparent officer involved shooting is underway. KPLC's Gerron Jordan is checking into that story for us and will have a live report.

Also today, a 16-year-old Texas girl wanted to take the plunge of a lifetime -- skydiving with her father -– but that plunge almost killed her.

Plus, yoga is known to help relax, strengthen and recharge. Now, a new study shows it can also help breast cancer survivors feel better after what can be grueling treatments. We'll have more on that during our newscast, or you can read more about it HERE.

In weather, Ben tells me Lake Charles broke a record this morning – a temperature of 22 was set back in 1966, but we got colder this morning. However, this was the last of the bitterly cold mornings for a while. We should warm up to the 50's this afternoon under sunny skies. How cold will it get tonight, and what about our weekend? I hear rain chances return. Get all the information you need during Ben's live, local forecast at noon.

And after all the attention on our wintry weather, we have a bit of fun to share with you: a two-year-old tearing through a neighborhood on a skateboard! Check it out at noon, and you can see the whole thing HERE.

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