Truckers hope to hit the roads as ice melts

(Darrell Willis / KPLC)
(Darrell Willis / KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The latest winter blast left truck drivers stranded with time as their only companion.

"Been right here since about 7 o'clock last night," one trucker said. "Sitting a day and a half or two days in a truck you know, even though you ain't doing nothing you ain't got nothing you can do, but sit there.

"While many of the drivers are used to driving in conditions much worse than what we experienced here that didn't stop the roads from closing leaving them stranded."

"This one was really kind of light compared to what I've been in the past. Like a couple months ago over in the one up in Dallas, ice was like 3 inches deep on the highway, that made it real interesting," said driver James Tant.

While this winter storm had a bigger regional impact than last week's, drivers and businesses were better prepared to deal with the conditions.

"Last week, everybody was caught by surprise and so we were overloaded, it was crazy. We had probably 40 people trapped in the store basically on overnight," said Rick Cowsert, General Manager of Love's Travel Stops Country Stores.

While many were more prepared for the conditions, that didn't stop some drivers from being stuck just hours away from their destination like driver Joseph Smith.

"I finished my last load Monday night and the weather got bad again and I can't get home now. today's Wednesday. I've been stuck within 200 miles, 250 miles from my house and can't get there and you tell your kids you coming home on Tuesday, they want to know what happened. They are mad at the weather. I said you can't get mad at the weather, the weather's going to be here."

Now that the weather is starting the move out the trucks hope they can too.

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