DOTD takes preemptive measures to ensure safety of SWLA

With Southwest Louisiana preparing for its second blast of winter weather in a week, the DOTD spent much of the day coordinating a plan of attack to deal with the impending snow and ice.

The DOTD is already out on the streets as we speak pre-treating the roads and bridges to try and keep them from icing over in an attempt to make the roads as safe as possible for those who need to brave the winter weather.

The winter weather was just here and it's on its way again and all we can do is try our best to be prepared says Todd Landry of the DOTD.

"We've got crews staging right now, they're on standby. we have approximately a hundred people in the district planning their different jobs right now."

And the DOTD's plan is already in motion and sometimes the best plan of attack is a preemptive strike.

"We're going to do some preparatory work and treat the roads in advance of the storm and as the storm moves in we'll monitor that and continue to treat the service of bridges especially."

They're going to do this with a combination of sand, salt and an anti-freezing agent and they know where they want to focus their efforts.

"We're going to focus mainly on I-10, U.S. 171,.U.S. 165, Highway 90, U.S. 190...there will be some impassable roadways, um, but um we're focusing on those main corridors in order to keep them open."

But the biggest concern for the DOTD is going to be the bridges.

"The bridge is our main concern as far as keeping them passable. they will freeze first and they will stay frozen the longest and so we're really going to be focused on de-icing the bridges.

If you have to be out on the road the DOTD has a few words of advice.

"Travel with caution and remember that our crews are on the road and they will be working and we will be using slow moving vehicles and so please drive with caution and look out for them. "

For now the DOTD has two 12-hour shifts in place to deal with the conditions for Monday night into Tuesday to combat the icy roads and they will add more as the need arises.

Until then you can keep up with road closure by visiting our website

At your service Darrell Willis KPLC 7 News.