Pine Shadows Golf Course closes after nearly 30 years

Pine Shadows Golf Course closes after nearly 30 years

Pine Shadows Golf Course is shutting its doors after nearly 30 years in Lake Charles.

Community members were out saying their goodbyes over the weekend at a farewell tournament.

"It's heartwarming to hear everyone's stories about how they grew up here and it's where they first played golf," said Robin Courville.

And for the family owners it's not just a business, but three decades of memories.

"My Dad has seven grand kids and they're always out here hitting balls or fishing and things like that," said Courville.

Courville said Tiger Woods created an economic boom for golf, which brought on too many too many golf courses.

According to the National Golf Foundation, 150 courses could close per year in the future.

"So now especially here you have six golf courses within a 20 mile radius," said Courville.

But others said it's simply a problem of lack of support for family businesses in the lake area.

"It's not a casino course and it's not a municipal course, those are able to get extra funding and stay in float," said owner, Ronald Rider.

"It aggravates me that people continue to shop at the big stores or big companies and don't pay enough attention to the people that are struggling on a day to day basis," said Jimbo Pusson.

But there's no doubting the support at the farewell tournament as community members share memories about their second home.

Pine Shadows employees did stress that they fought to keep the business going until the very end.

"It's a sad day not just for pine shadows or for the family, but for the surrounding area," said Pusson.

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