Buyers get land for as low as $500 in Cameron Parish property auction

Buyers get land for as low as $500 in Cameron Parish property auction

CAMERON PARISH, LA (KPLC) - It was a packed house as buyers put in their best bids towards a place in Cameron Parish to call their own.

"I've been here for 51 years," said Cameron Parish resident Myrna Conner. "Any land in Cameron Parish is worth having."

Over 50 properties were auctioned including lots in Holly Beach and Grand Chenier. The bids started at $500 and slowly went up to the thousands. Many buyers purchased land for anywhere between $2,500 and $5,000.

Parish Administrator Ryan Bourriaque says man of the buyers were Cameron locals fighting for a piece of their history.

"It means so much to see our own residents fighting for their grandparent's property, great grandparent's property and keeping that in the family," said Bourriaque.

Conner, who was one of the first bidders and got a lot in a subdivision of Cameron for $500, says this hopefully will bring back the coastal community.

"The leading asset in this parish is its people," said Conner. "Anyone who can buy land in Cameron Parish should."

The highest selling property went to a lot in Holly Beach which was sold for $37,000 and after hurricane Rita and Ike, buyers like Clarice Lafosse still have hope for life on the coast.

"It chokes me up because, it's home," said Lafosse. "I know we moved away but, it's home to so many others. Yes, Cameron may never be the same but hopefully, people will start coming back. Even if it's something just on the weekends where we can come and enjoy ourselves and see the people and visit. It's worth it. It's worth every penny of it."

All buyers signed purchase agreements and must close their sales by Feb. 28th.

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