Road conditions to remain in a state of flux overnight

The driving conditions were not the best to say the least and the DOTD along with state and local police spent the day responding to drivers who saw the worst of it explains Louisiana State Police Sergeant James Anderson.

"The closures were a little more than we were expecting. We met with DOTD officials yesterday to ensure that we had a coordinated response to the emergency today. We felt that we had adequate resources DOTD had hundred people out de-icing bridges and over passes. We had additional troopers on the road to handle additional crashes."

Though the precipitation has stopped road conditions still prove to be treacherous for the drivers of Southwest Louisiana."

But the conditions for tonight are still in a state of flux because as areas re-freeze the DOTD and other officials will have to re-close areas to ensure public safety says Sgt. Anderson.

"We have what are known as inter-minute closures. They're inter-minute because, they're subject to change. It's a rapidly evolving situation. We can't just say that a bridge is open and expect it to remain open for given period of time. it depends on how quickly it re-ices and unfortunately there was a lot of re-icing that took place today."

Drivers are definitely not ready to deal with the current conditions as even their daily routine has become more of a hassle and they're concerned about what the overnight temperatures will bring, like local resident Eva Phillips.

"it's been horrible trying to de-ice the vehicle it really will re-freeze, yeah it will that's why I'm trying to get it off now. "

So your best bet for dealing with the hazardous conditions is to follow some simple rules from Sgt Anderson.

"Winter weather... it's important to reduce your speed. Allow extra space between vehicles and to drive safely. "

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