The Cowgirls Fantastic Four Freshmen

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Hannah Cupit, amber Donnes, Haily Jenkins, and Vicky Rachal all grew up playing basketball.

"I started when I was 5 years old, I like competing against players." -Vicki

"well my sister, she played, and I wanted to be like her so I played." -Hannah

All four were recruited by McNeese, and say they picked the Cowgirls because it's like being a part of a family.

"when I came on my visit I really fit in with everyone, and didn't really feel like I was on a visit, it just was like I was already part of the team." -Amber

"when I came I was really comfortable, and there was no question to where I was going to fit in or not." -Haily

And Coach Williams says their success this season wouldn't have happened without these freshman.

"I know its exciting for our fans to see this young crop come into games and make such a difference so early in their careers." -Coach Brooks Williams

And while we all get to see their skill on the court, the girls let me in on a few of their hidden talents outside of basketball, and even taught me some.

"I guess for my hidden talent I'll do the worm and I'll teach you how to do it too." -Amber

But she would only teach me, if I wore a McNeese beanie...

And I don't think the worm is my area of expertise..

"Vicki is different that the other three." -Coach Williams

"yeah I'm quiet I don't really do too much, I can skateboard." -Vicki

We didn't have a skateboard handy, but her balance on that chair is impeccable.

And Haily?

I like to draw, and I'm pretty creative, I guess that's my one hidden talent." -Haily

And let's not forget about Hannah.

"Um pretty much just hang on walls." -Hannah

Yes, you heard that correctly, Hannah can climb walls. I also was not very skilled here either.

You can catch these 4 with their true talent next Thursday at the Civic Center.