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7On Your Side Follow up: Talking with Team National Independent Marketing Directors

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Team National is a company selling memberships in the Lake Charles area for those willing to spend between $795 and $2195.

On our 7On Your Side report MOnday, we provided tips from the Southwest Louisiana Better Business Bureau about issues to consider before you sign on the dotted line.

A number of people who earn money as "independent marketing directors" for Team National contacted us singing the praises of the company.  We sat down and interviewed two who agreed to talk to us on camera.

Team National sells memberships ranging from $795 dollars for a "2-year standard membership" or for $2195 for a "premium business membership."

Craig Pourciau of Baton Rouge and Damon "Boo" Granger of Lake Charles are what they call "independent marketing directors" for Team National. 

They say,  buying a membership provides discounts with a wide range of companies.

"ATT, Bass Pro, Walmart , my wife was excited in December, QVC joined us, manufacturers, automobile dealerships all over the country.  Our product is a membership that saves the average family far more than it costs to join," said Pourciau.

We asked for a complete list of companies and the specific discount a membership provides, but Pourciau and Granger say that information is only provided to members or potential members with whom they meet.

"We're a private group, invitation only, yeah you have to be invited in to look at it.  So it's not just something we put out there.  We are a part of an industry that requires us as direct sellers to sit with you and explain that with you.  More than willing to do that," said Pourciau.

So, we ask Pourciau, "Okay, so would you allow me to sit down with a camera and video the whole presentation so that I could share it with our viewers?"

"I will not,  I will allow you to sit down with me though and go through it with you like I would anybody else who looks at this," said Pourciau.

Besides the discounts they say members enjoy, as independent marketing directors, Pourciau and Granger sell the memberships that cost either $795 or $2195.  Granger says he's been so successful-- he closed his tractor implement business.

"(After) sixteen months involved with the company it actually replaced the income that I was taking out of my own business," said Granger.  "My business, due to the economy and the struggles of what traditional businesses are going through today with the economy, it was struggling, so we made a decision at that point to  close that business and work this Team National Business full time."

We also talked about what protections are in place for consumers who buy a membership and are not pleased with what they get for their money.

"So, like any major purchase, if you buy an automobile you've got 3 days to get your money back, if you buy a home, 3 days to get your money back and so Team National allows you to cancel your membership within 3 days with a full refund," said Pourciau.   

They say it's hard to say how long it takes to recoup one's membership cost, because everyone's buying habits are different.

"The only way it does not work is if they don't use it.  If they get it, put it on a shelf and never use it, it's not gonna work," said Granger. "If a person will use the membership it will save them more money than it cost them to get involved," he said.

Reporter:  "Assuming they've got money to spend?"

"Assuming they've got money to spend," said Granger.  

Pourciau and Granger say Team National's ratings or affiliations with Better Business Bureau in Florida,  Dunn and Bradstreet and National Direct Marketing Association are all reasons for consumer confidence.

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