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Bald eagles stake their claim in Pontchartrain Park

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Glenn Madison has strived to score Eagles in his 18 years playing golf at Pontchartrain Park, and he's seen them, too.

"Last year they reappeared on hole number 11. This is the hole here," Madison said. "That's the nest right there," he said, pointing out at the top of a tree.

An eagle's nest is nestled in a tree on the greens of the Joseph Bartholemew Municipal Golf Course.

"Beautiful birds, majestic!" he said.

He has pictures of eagles in trees and on the ground. They've staked their claim to the vast cache of prey here. Madison says he saw one of them grab a duck close to the green and bring the duck up to the tree with him.

"When I first saw the pictures I didn't believe it!" said Gretchen Bradford. "I said this can't be real. He said I'm going to bring you to the park and show you the nest. I wanted to see it with my own eyes!"

Ricardo Smith was packing binoculars so he could see them close up when they appeared.

Audubon Zoo curator Rick Atkinson says Pontchartrain Park is an Eagle's paradise.

"They have the Industrial Canal and the Seabrook Bridge and fishermen know it's a good place to fish. Eagles know that too."

Glenn Madison said, "They're kind of large so you really don't want to walk up on them!"

Atkinson said the only thing they need to be concerned about is eagles may mistake pets as prey, particularly small dogs and cats."

So the next time you're at Bartholemew Golf Course, look up. You might see why neighbors here say they're in tune with the beauty of nature.

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