Lake Charles Police Department hosts recruitment drive

Lake Charles Police Department hosts recruitment drive

LAKE CHARLES, LA - It was no walk in the park but that didn't stop these men and women from coming out to prove they have what it takes to be a Lake Charles police officer.

"We're looking for integrity in the individuals," said Corporal Larry Moss. "We're looking for someone that can physically capable of doing the job, but we're looking for an individual that one has the desire and drive to be a police officer."

The Lake Charles police department is looking to hire 7 new officers. Ninety qualified men and women showed up at the Civic Center for various tests and screenings.

"We do a psychological screening, we do all of the application paperwork, we take care of all that on the front end," said Moss. "Those individuals that have met our minimal requirements, we send them to take the civil service test."

Moss says this year's turn out reached a broad range of applicants including some from Texas and Mississippi.  After a brief information session, it was time for the physically agility test.

To test their physical ability, they did everything from sit-ups, a ½ mile run and push-ups.

Applicant Alexander White says it was all worth it.

"It was very tough but I made it," said White. "This is a career choice you've got to be dedicated to and you've got to put in the hard work. What I'm excited about is the opportunity to be able to pursue it more and move forward and hopefully be a LCPD officer."

Those who make the cut face about a year of hands-on training in the field before they patrol the streets solo.

Moss says about half of the applicants passed the physical agility test and says he's hopeful he'll find the 7 officers the department needs.

They also say they'll have a growing list of qualified applicants should they have more open positions in the future.

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