Kids compete for Grand Champion at hog show

(Source: MGN Online/
(Source: MGN Online/

It was the last day at the Calcasieu Parish Junior Livestock Show and it was all about the hogs.

"I'm gonna show both of my pigs today," said nine-year-old Grace Boudreaux.

Hog owners were ready to jump in the ring with their eyes on the prize.

"I'm gonna get a belt buckle," said 15-year-old Jacob Hassien.

"I have one hog that should do real good" said 14-year-old Carli Fontenot.

For some, it's simply the drive of competition.

"I've had the most luck out of my whole family and we all compete against each other," said 12-year-old Grant Recca.

For others, it's a chance to prove the work paid off.

"It's up to me you know," said Fontenot. "It's something no one can say oh you didn't do that."

And with the other animals out of the way, these veterans said they can compete for what they came here for.

"I like to win belt buckles and trophies and I've been around it since I've been born," said Recca.

But for the ultimate winner, it's a title of Grand Champion.

"That's the overall best and the best that was bred in Louisiana," said 15-year-old Zachary Kershaw.

And even with the best in Louisiana named, these hog owners said it's not always about the prize.

"There's hard work that goes into breeding and raising these animals so there's satisfaction when it comes to winning it," said Kershaw.

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