Jeff Davis Parish sheriff responds to deputy shooting dog

Jeff Davis Parish sheriff responds to deputy shooting dog

JEFF DAVIS PARISH, LA (KPLC) - It's been 24 hours since a Jeff Davis Parish deputy shot and killed a family dog and the owner, Jacob Authement, is still mourning his loss.

"I just really want the guy that shot her to know that he is wrong for shooting a dog that did absolutely nothing to him," said Authement, who's dog Coco was shot in the head. "That was my child, I had her before I even had any kids. I lost my first child today basically."

Authements dog was shot by a deputy on duty who was responding to a complaint of ATVs being driven down Elton Rd. north of Jennings.

Sheriff Ivy Woods spoke out on the deputy's repor and what the deputy claims happened during the incident.

"He noticed a pit bull approaching him at a high-rated speed in an aggressive manner," said Woods. "The dog was barking at him and growling at him. The deputy hollered towards the individuals and told them to get control of their dog. One individual said, "She won't bite you."

Woods said the deputy asked Authement repeatedly to get control of the dog but it wasn't until he felt threatened that he felt the need to fire. Woods said the deputy is a K-9 officer and says the last thing he wanted to do was shoot a dog. Woods also emphasized a state-wide leash law for all residents.

"They should have their dog either leashed or in a kennel or have their dog under control," said Woods. "What if law enforcement officer or an EMS or a fireman is trying to get to a resident's house to help. They're not going to get out the car to go and assist you if there is any type of emergency."

Woods also discussed alternatives such as tazers or mace.

"You're trained to shoot a human being with a tazer," said Woods. "Not all of my officers carry mace. Again, if they don't have it, how can they use it? They can only carry so many less lethal weapons on them."

He also wants residents to know one thing.

"We're trained to use our weapon as a last resort," said Woods. "You're totally liable for what your dog does."

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