Ban on minors buying e-cigs?

Happy Friday morning to you!  Britney Glaser here in the KPLC 7Newsroom with a look at what's in store on today's Sunrise:

*Electronic cigarettes will be a big issue in the upcoming legislative session.  One Louisiana DA wants minors banned from buying them.  We'll tell you about the proposal to amend the current law banning minors from buying tobacco.

*The investigation continues this morning after a Jeff Davis Sheriff's deputy shoots and kills a family's dog.  Hear from the dog's owner about why he's not going to let his dog's death be in vain.

*Another arrest has been made in the case of a Many dog, known as Amazing Grace.  She was badly burned with boiling water in June.  We'll tell you about a grandmother's alleged role in this animal abuse case.

*The annual MLK Memorial Breakfast takes place this morning in Lake Charles.  Find out how you can take part in it or watch it from home here on KPLC.

*Duck Dynasty is back, but a portion of its viewers are not.  This season's premiere saw a drop of a few million people.  Is the controversy over Phil's comments to blame?  We'll take a look at that.

*Chocolate is one of the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day, but is it worth shelling out more money for gourmet chocolate?  The Sunrise team will do a live taste test of chocolates from the cheap variety to the fancy cocoa.

*Meteorologist Zack Fradella is in for Ben Terry today.  You might have seen this New Orleans native on the weekends here on KPLC.  He'll have your weekend forecast on today's Sunrise.

Make it a Sunrise day!