Firefighters rally to help a friend

Firefighters rally to help a friend

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - Former DeQuincy firefighter Marvin Dale Pinder passed away last Friday from a heart attack.

The 62-year-old spent 15 years as a volunteer firefighter, even serving as a captain.

While his funeral was held Wednesday, firefighters teamed up Thursday in his honor.

It was a touching scene as the firefighters volunteered their time to collect donations for Pinder's funeral costs.

Even more moving was seeing firefighters, no matter what station they're from, come together during trying times.

Armed with flyers, signs and fire trucks, firefighters went vehicle to vehicle Thursday in DeQuincy collecting donations.

"His name was Marvin Dale Pinder," said DeQuincy firefighter Denisia Williamston. "He gave so much to the community."

Volunteer firefighters from Ward 6 also came out to help.

"Fire departments in the local area work together on all their calls and things like that," said Ward 6 Captain Todd Parker. "We're like one big family. So we support the other fire departments."

"We do a lot of training together, back and forth, do a lot of social stuff together," said DeQuincy Fire Chief Johnny Copeland. "That's why both departments are here today because when we had a call, Dale was with them just as much as we were."

While everyone worked together, some were more closely tied to Pinder.

"He was related to my wife, he was my wife's uncle," Parker said. "So we appreciate any of the help people are giving today to help with the funeral expenses."

Firefighters said this is just one way they can give back to Dale, after everything he's done for them.

"Two weeks prior, he lost his wife, and then he passed away," Williamston said. "This is our way of trying to give back to the family because he gave so much to us as a community, not just a fire department."

"He was a good people person, he loved to help people and never asked a dime for it," Copeland said.

Those who attended his funeral on Wednesday said he was still there in spirit.

"Our pagers went off and everybody looked and it was a structural fire and we were like 'really Dale?' Ha ha you know, because being as though he was there for everything we did and how appropriate it was for us to have a fire right in the middle of his funeral," explained Williamston.

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