Shane Hanchey, 2013 NFR Tie-Down Roping World Champion

Shane Hanchey

Tie-Down Roping.

"We're on a horse, and we're back in there, and the object is to catch the calf as fast as possible. And then we gotta get him down an tie the three legs." -Shane Hanchey

Not your typical sport, but one that Shane Hanchey has been in love with for the past 20 years.

"My first Rodeo I was 4 years old. I was roping ever since I knew what roping was about and watching those guys on TV."

And that dedication paid off. In December, Hanchey won his first Gold Buckle.

"Me winning my first World Title has been a dream come true. Obviously I've been working very hard and perfecting the sport, and to be able to say I was the World Champion for one whole year is amazing in it's self."

But, it wasn't without the support of his family and the Sulphur community.

My mom and dad were there the whole time. My brother was there the whole time. My little sister got there, I think, after the third round, but it's unbelievable to have to support from my city that I did was awesome."

However, the journey doesn't stop here. Hanchey has already begun training for the 2014 season and had his first rodeo last Thursday in Odessa, Texas.

"I gotta get to 75 rodeo's between now and September, and be in the top 15 in the World. My goal has not changed any other year. I want a world title and a gold buckle."

At Your Service, in Sulphur. Rebecca Cade, KPLC 7 Sports.