Former LC resident captained a nuclear submarine

Former LC resident captained a nuclear submarine

Scott Pugh didn't get interested in the military until, as a LaGrange High School representative to Boys State, he heard from military recruiters.

"The Army, Navy and Air Force sent some people over to Boys State to talk to high school kids around the state about the different service academies.  I kind of saw this presentation where they would pay me to go to college and when I graduate, I can fly jets off aircraft carriers.  This sounds like fun."

Pugh went on to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy and eventually became captain on nuclear submarines.

"On a submarine, it's actually better to be under the water than on the surface of the ocean because submarines are not designed to be on the surface and they rock and roll around a lot more than a regular ship would.  When you're deep, it's a lot like sitting right here."

Pugh says he never regretted the decision he made that day in Baton Rouge.

"I spent my career on attack submarines.  Four different ones.  The last one I was on was the Whale. I got to go to the North Pole on that ship and also around the world. So it was an interesting tour."

Pugh now lives in Maryland and is with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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