Would you rather be pulled over or mailed a speeding ticket?

Would you rather be pulled over or mailed your speeding ticket?

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - If you tend to have a lead foot while driving on I-10, a new ticket system in Welsh may make you ease up on the gas pedal.

Many times on the highway you'll see cars flying past you even though you're going the speed limit.

Not only is it dangerous for drivers, it's also a safety concern for police officers who pull over those vehicles to issue a speeding ticket. But that may soon change.

It only took a few minutes to clock a speeder on Interstate 10 this afternoon. One driver was going 87 in a 70 mile per hour speed limit zone in Welsh.

But Welsh Police are looking to bring in a new speed enforcement radar.

"The difference between this one and the one we're looking at now is basically going to be the same piece of equipment right here except it does have a camera that does record the license tag of the vehicle," explained Assistant Chief, Robert Lane of Welsh Police.

While the radar will still be held by an officer, the camera will capture the license plate, the vehicle's make, model, speed and location.

But the kicker, you'll be mailed a ticket, rather than get pulled over.

"Unless it's some type of extenuating circumstance that we do have to chase and stop the vehicle, other than that we're not going to stop them," said Lane.

Blue Line Solutions is providing the equipment to the town at no cost. They'll also handle paperwork and pay officers working the program the $25 an hour rate and split revenues 50-50 with the police department.

While it's a money generator for the town, Welsh Police say it's also about safety.

"That way you won't have an officer trying to dart out on the interstate," said Lane.

But not everyone in the town of Welsh is on the same page. Residents have mixed feelings on the issue.

Kenneth Strong says, "It'll be great, I think it's beneficial especially in this town."

Vickie Ford says, "I think that's giving up a great liberty to argue an accusation against us."

Welsh Police say it's a civil matter unless a person misses a court date.

And if someone else is caught speeding in your vehicle, Lane says, "The ticket is going to the registered owner of the vehicle."

While it will cut down on officer pursuits, it also means there's no reconciliation like when you normally get pulled over. Whatever the radar is set at, anyone going faster than that will automatically be mailed a ticket.

That means this driver, who was let off today, won't be lucky next time.

Some residents say they'd like to see a demonstration of the new equipment before it's put in use.

For now, there's no official start date.

Welsh Police say they're waiting on the state Department of Transportation and Development to issue a permit for the program's implementation.

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