Cowgirls Softball "Nail It Down."

McNeese Softball Preview

This week marks the official start for McNeese Softball practice, after a tough ending to last years impressive season.

"We won the conference regular season championship, which was awesome for the first time in 30 years outright. You know and then we went to the conference tournament, and we felt real confident going in, and we ended up losing. It was kind of tough to walk off the field after winning the conference regular season." -Coach Smith

"We didn't accomplish our overall goal, but I know that it's really lit a fire with us, the returners as well as the freshman coming on, that we have unfinished business that we need to take care of." -Emily Vincent

And that unfinished business has brought on a new motto for 2014.

"Nail it down."

"We use that all the time now. We're going to have wristbands that say Nail It Down. Again, its that mantra that just to finish what we started." -Smith

And while that mantra may be motivation, its the skill on the softball field that is going to get the job done.

"You know over my, probably, 16 years coaching, hands-down by far, this team is more focused than any team I've ever had." -Smith

"We had 3 seniors, and we're gonna miss them, but we have a lot of the starters back and everyone's just grown." -Katie Roux

It's safe to say, the Cowgirls are ready for revenge, especially in the Southland against teams like:

"Sam Houston, cause they just are like that flea that we can't get rid of, you know, we want to shut them down." -Vincent

The team opens up their season February 7.

At your service, in LC, Rebecca Cade, KPLC 7 Sports