KPLC viewers report feeling ground shake in Carlyss

Dupont facility in Orange, Texas. (Source: KBMT)
Dupont facility in Orange, Texas. (Source: KBMT)

Multiple KPLC viewers reported feeling the ground rumble in the Carlyss area around 11 p.m. Tuesday night.

The likely cause was an incident at Dupont's Sabine River Works site in Orange, Texas.

According to Dupont spokesman Aaron Woods, an emergency shutdown started at 11:05 p.m.

There were no injures, no shelter-in-place was issued, and the all-clear was given by midnight.

During an emergency shutdown, pressurized material is rapidly decompressed, which prevents a larger incident but also causes a loud noise. The shutdown also resulted in flaring at one of the plant's stacks, which Woods said lasted for about three minutes.

Woods said the shutdown is part of the plant's safety system and that the system worked as it was designed.

"We apologize to our nearby neighbors for any trouble this may have caused," Woods said.

The incident that caused the emergency shutdown is still under investigation, Woods said.

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