SWLA man visits Disney every year since it opened

SWLA Native visits DisneyWorld every year since it opened

The late Walt Disney has a lot of followers worldwide. But it would be hard to find a bigger fan than Kerry Onxley.

The Westlake teacher and executive director of the Children's Theatre was at the grand opening of the Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., and he admires the Disney work ethic.

"He did demand that. He was very demanding that you always be happy, always be your best," Onxley said. "He meant it literally. So when I go there, I just have a feeling of that, and just -- you're not in the real world."

Onxley said he's been almost every year since the park opened, seeing the first years of EPCOT Center, Disney Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

"I still like the Magic Kingdom. I do love Animal Kingdom, because it was a huge influence on my love for animals," Onxley said. "It would be a toss up, but still the Magic Kingdom is where it started. It started there with the mouse."

One thing Kerry learned about a Disney trip over the years is to have a game plan. The Internet is full of websites that will show you just how to do that.

"I think if you're going, have everything planned," he said. "I know it takes longer. Just sit down and have everything planned. I'll plan where we're going to eat and all those character dining: there's a lot of things you should be ordering now for a summer trip."

Onxley is already planning his next trip this summer.

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