Wyatt Wilkerson dreams of driving for NASCAR

Wyatt Wilkerson

Wyatt Wilkerson is not your average kid, he races go-carts.

"I love racing because I can go fast." -Wyatt Wilkerson

"he watched racing on TV with me, and so we decided, we brought him to a couple of races. He's been to Bristol, and then we brought him to Daytona in the Spring of 2013, and he got to asking about racing. " -Wendell Wilkerson

And that was all it took.

"They race in NASCAR, and I wanted to race too." -Wyatt

2013 was his first year in the sports, but he was winning so much, they had to put him into a higher class.

"He's actually racing in what they call Junior 1 now, which is 8 year olds up to 11. And we had to actually lobby to get him to that division. But once he moved up, there was no doubt that that was where he needed to be."  -Wendell

To top it all off, Wyatt is only 6 years old.

"Even at the tracks and stuff, you watch him playing with some of the kids that are his own age, and then you see him put on a helmet, and racing jacket, and get in the cart and run. You wouldn't know it was the same kid, watching him from the fence." -Wendell

And while he may not be in NASCAR yet, Wyatt says his role model is number 11 Denny Hamlin.

"Because he's the same number as my go-cart." -Wyatt