Community Pregnancy Center offers hope for local women

Community Pregnancy Center gives local women hope

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - Sarah Rougeou found herself pregnant with her second child, no job, and on her own.

"When I got pregnant I was just really down, because I didn't plan on getting pregnant and I wanted to be married," said Rougeou.

But it was at the Beauregard Vernon Crisis Pregnancy Center where Rougeou said she was given a chance to get on her feet and not only care for her baby, but gain support.

"I got stuff I needed for my baby, but it was someone to help me," said Rougeou. "It was more like there was someone who cared and somewhere to go."

The pregnancy center offers spiritual, emotional, and material help for couples or young women struggling.

A volunteer will walk with someone from the time they think they're pregnant, up until their child is 24 months.

The women also take part in an earn while you learn program. They can earn "Mommy Money" for taking different educational courses throughout their pregnancy.

"We track that money and we have a baby boutique in here and they can take that money and shop," said Executive Director for the Beauregard Vernon Crisis Pregnancy Center, Theresa Allen.

Volunteers at the center also offer alternative suggestions for women thinking about an abortion.

"There are lots of maternity homes that we can refer them to and then they can give their child up for adoption if that's what's right for them," said Allen. "We also have adoption agencies that we're in contact with."

And for Rougeou, she said the center helped transform her life.

She also hopes more women will take advantage of what she sees as not only a pregnancy center, but a center of hope.

"There are people that will help you and it's okay to ask for help and it's going to be okay," said Rougeou.

The center offers free pregnancy tests and hopes to offer ultra sounds in the future.

Volunteers said community members and organizations constantly give to the center and help with its success.

For information on giving, click here.

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