Peter LaFuria's statement released

Peter LaFuria. (Lee Peck / KPLC)
Peter LaFuria. (Lee Peck / KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Former Lake Charles gynecologist Peter LaFuria will spend the next eight years in prison after pleading guilty to 20 criminal charges on Wednesday.

Judge David Ritchie sentenced LaFuria to 23 years, with 15 years suspended, after he pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual battery, five counts molestation of a juvenile, five counts video voyeurism and five counts of obscenity. You can read the sentencing story HERE. You can read the statement made by one of LaFuria's former patients HERE. LaFuria's plea agreement can be read HERE.

The following is the statement that LaFuria entered into court record. It was read by one of LaFuria's attorneys.

To all of my former patients and victims of my conduct, I realize that there is little I can say that will ease the disappointment anger and resentment all of you must feel toward me. Although I do not wish for this apology to be viewed as a plea for your mercy or forgiveness I hope that it does have some impact on putting closure to this tragic and serious breach of your trust. I cannot completely move on and put my past misconduct out of my life until at a minimum I formally apologize to you all.

I have often wondered how I ever allowed myself to commit the acts that victimized each of you and horribly embarrassed my family. Sometimes there are no real answers or excuses. I cannot pinpoint or define any other reason for my conduct except a serious character flaw which spread through me like a cancer. I am comforted and relieved that God has healed the horrible sickness that brought me to the lowest point a man can go.

I accept the sentence to be imposed on me by the court and I will do my very best to use my confinement to continue to better myself spiritually and otherwise.

I cannot take back the hurt I have caused all of you and my family but at the least being able to sincerely apologize to all of you at a minimum lessens the pain I have lived with for the last several years and will live with for years to come.

There may be many of you who will see this statement as insufficient to undo all the anguish I have caused you and that is certainly true. However my most sincere apology to you and my prayers to God to relieve your anguish is all I know to do at this point.


Peter Raymond LaFuria