Schools open, Oberlin mayor investigation, Mardi Gras kick-off

Good Tuesday morning to you!  Britney Glaser here with a look at what's in store on today's Sunrise:

*It's another frigid morning in Southwest Louisiana with temperatures hovering around 20 degrees.  Despite the cold weather, all area schools are in session today.

*The Town of Oberlin is months behind on some of its bills.  It's gotten so bad that one gas station will not serve police or town vehicles until bills get paid.  The council and DA are asking for investigations into the mayor.

*Mardi Gras 2014 arrives in style with the annual 12th Night celebration.  We'll take you inside the Lake Charles Civic Center to see the highlights of the festive Mardi Gras season kick-off.

*CT scans are used to help doctors diagnose diseases, trauma or abnormalities in the body.  They can give an amazing look inside the body, but carry the risk of high radiation exposure.  This morning I look into how low dose CT scans are helping get the same clear images without all the radiation.

*Meteorologist Ben Terry tells us there's a warm-up in store soon!  In the meantime, he'll tell you about the cold weather warning for Southwest Louisiana.

Make it a Sunrise day!