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Qualifying Underway for April 7 Election

Qualifying started Monday morning for the April 7th election in Calcasieu Parish. Lake Charles Mayor, and State District Judge are among races of local interest.

At last word 24 had signed up to run for various offices on the ballot: there was a line of candidates waiting as the doors opened at the Calcasieu Clerk of Court's office to begin qualifying for the upcoming election.

Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach was there to make his candidacy for reelection official. So far, no one is running against him. "We're anxious to get on with a four year term. We've started our administration and we've spent the last eight or nine months working with the council and working with the citizens trying to map a blueprint of what we want to do for the next four years. I'm anxious to get that behind us and get the qualifying over with, the election over with and get on with doing that."

There were familiar faces and new ones as others signed up for various offices on the ballot. Offices including: State District Judge, since Greg Lyons retired. And voters decide Vinton mayor and police chief and council members for Lake Charles and Vinton. There's an opening for School Board District 6 since Mike Canaday became a judge.

Though candidates have until 5:00 p.m. Friday to qualify, Clerk of Court Jimmy Andrus suggests they not cut it too close: "Some people have a tendency to wait until the last minute. They want to surprise somebody and all that, and that's fine, but just don't wait until the very last minute because sometimes time runs out and we do have a cutoff time and if we're forced to do that, then maybe you wouldn't be able to qualify."

The election is April 7th. Qualifying continues Thursday until 4:30 and Friday until 5:00 p.m.at the Calcasieu Parish Clerk of Court's office.

Those who had qualified by the close of business Wednesday are:

State District Judge: Bobby K. Pitre and Kent Savoie

School Board District 6: Ray Fontenot, Phillip Eric Tarver

Lake Charles Mayor: Randy Roach

Vinton Mayor: Raywood LeMaire, David T. Riggins

Vinton Police Chief: Dwayne Dupre, Billy R. Vice

Lake Charles City Council: District A: Winifred "Winnie" Fowler, Sam Tolbert

Lake Charles City Council: District B: A.B. Franklin

Lake Charles City Council: District C: Rodney Geyen, Robert Gordon, Jr.

Lake Charles City Council: District D: David R. Perry, Douglas Shearman

Lake Charles City Council: District E: Rob McCorquodale

Lake Charles City Council: District F: Kevin Guidry, Buddy Prejean

Lake Charles City Council: District G: Mike Huber

Town of Vinton Council: Karen Douglass, Donald Dupre',Sr., B.B. Loyd, Kenneth O. Stinson

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