Audit looks into allegations leveled against Oberlin mayor


OBERLIN, LA (KPLC) - The Allen Parish District Attorney's Office is forwarding a preliminary audit report concerning the Oberlin mayor to state police.

DA Todd Nesom is tight-lipped about the findings, but confirmed that it has to do with allegations that town materials and resources may have been used on private property to enrich the mayor.

The audit, performed by a private CPA firm, was given to town council members. The council members then brought it to the DA and state legislative auditor.

Oberlin Mayor Rick Smith said he has seen the preliminary audit and denies he did anything wrong.

Smith defends the use of city resources in a subdivision he owns. He said the work on water and sewage there serves a public purpose.

In December, Oberlin resident Robert Lee contacted KPLC and made similar accusations against Smith. You can read Theresa Schmidt's story HERE.

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