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Former LaGrange Gators surprise Lake Charles families with holiday gifts for New Year's

For some Lake Area families, New Year's Eve felt more like Christmas, all thanks to the "Gents for the G's," a non-profit organization comprised mainly of former LaGrange Gators dedicated to giving back to the community.

While waiting for 2014, the G's and lady G's played Santa for local families in need.

"They have a lot to offer that's hidden," said John Simon, member of "Gents for the G's". "Until you actually touch base with them, you really see they bring a lot of joy just to say they're happy to be a family."

Three members got together and surprised two local families with gifts, including toys for kids and even a full holiday meal.

For Lake Charles resident Sharon Touson, the gifts came at a perfect time.

"It's my birthday," said Touson. "So I got another gift. You know, that's a big gift right there for me."

For Danielle Mann, also a Lake Charles resident, the holiday surprise meant a little more.

"The holidays are different now that my husband's not here," said Mann. "I didn't have as much 'oomph' for the holidays. So, to have this after Christmas actually was even better than our Christmas, because I didn't have a lot to give them a bunch of gifts, but they were so surprised to get a few gifts. So yeah, it was lovely."

Simon says his favorite part of the experience was being able to give back.

"Some of us may be blessed more than others," said Simon. "We're just making sure everybody is able to share the holidays together and have that joyous feeling."

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