What to do with that Christmas tree now?

(Source: MGN Online/Andrew Wales)
(Source: MGN Online/Andrew Wales)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Christmas is over, which means Christmas trees are quickly losing lust.

And if a live tree covered the presents this year, it has to go.

The City of Lake Charles is offering to pick up Christmas trees.

"If you have a live tree make sure it does not have any Christmas ornaments or fake snow or anything, put it on the road and we'll have a separate truck come pick it up," said City of Lake Charles Solid Waste Supervisor, Jimmy Shallow.

City officials said on Monday they'll make a list of the live trees on the side of the road and then another truck will pick it up later.

Officials said they will also pick up fake trees.

But some Christmas trees will keep on giving even after the holidays. At Greengate Garden Center and Landscaping retired Christmas trees are seeing a second life.

"Louisiana loses about 30-square-miles of swamp land every year because of erosion and those Christmas trees can actually be used to stop that," said Employee John Precht.

"We set them up in the back where some people come and get them for coastal restoration to stop eroding," said Precht.

These trees now have another purpose by creating barriers in the waters.

"We have several people that will come and load their trucks up several times a day and take them to South Lake Charles where we have some marshes and stuff," said Precht.

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