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Lake Charles Gun Club talks tips on gun safety to help reduce risk of accidental shootings

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(Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC) (Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC)

Guns may be a common household item, but that does not make them any less dangerous. Accidents involving guns have taken away many lives across America, and steps must be taken to prevent such tragedies.

Just a day after Christmas, a 20-year-old Lake Charles man lost his life during an accidental shooting when he failed to realize his gun was loaded.

Lee Perkins, Manager of the Lake Charles Gun Club, is certified by the NRA to teach proper handling of a gun and concealed carry.

"We as gun owners are responsible for the safety of that gun," said Perkins. "The safe operation of it, the safe use of it and practice with it."

Perkins demonstrated different ways to safely handle a gun and says there are three main safety tips every gun owner should remember.

"Always keep it pointed in a safe direction," said Perkins. "The safe direction is in front of you and down. Always keep your finger off of the trigger and always keep it unloaded until ready for use."

Another thing Perkins wants gun owners to know is that if you see a gun, always open it to ensure there are no real bullets inside.

"You never know how many bullets are in the gun unless you open the cylinder and actually look at it," said Perkins.

Perkins says even when you're ready to shoot, gun users should always remember the three rules.

"This gun will do nothing but lay there," said Perkins. "It takes human input. You can be ignorant of it, and it'll cause an accident and you can be careless of it, and it'll cause an accident, but it's not the gun's fault. It's the person handling the gun who's at fault for the gun to discharge."

Perkins says the most important rule to remember when handling a gun is safety first.

The Lake Charles Gun Club offers gun safety courses for adults and children.

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